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About Us

Unwind Online!

Unwind Speciality Boardgame Cafe is now Online! Buy the best board games and puzzles based right here in Dubai, UAE! Be assured that all our products are procured from the authorized distributors in the region to ensure they are 100% authentic with superior quality components to provide a joyful play experience every single time!

Remember the good old days playing board games with family and friends? No holiday was complete without the betrayal endured in Ludo, the arrogance of Monopoly, the chaos of UNO or the steely determination to pair up those Aces!

An exciting new experience for all ages to reconnect over the vast array of dizzying board games from around the world, each more enticing that the next. No game is the same, each challenge unparalleled. A chance to lose yourself and get into character ….be the artist tasked with decorating the Royal Palace of Evora with stunning tiles of Azul, step into the shoes of the notorious bribe-hungry Sheriff of Nottingham, a ravenous Werewolf let loose amongst the innocent or a Monster vying for the coveted title of King of Tokyo!

No-one can deny the novelty of the 3-dimensional world of digital gaming but take time out, come on-board with your favourite people and unwind with a memorable evening of fun, food and games.

Roll that dice and watch what happens – I bet you didn’t know you had it in you!

Let the boardgame battles commence!!