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Santa's workshop

272.00 AED

Minimum player: 2

Maximum player: 5

Minimum playtime: 45 mins

Maximum playtime: 60 mins

Age: 14+

It is the busiest time of the year at the North Pole, with only days to go until Santa leaves to make his yearly trip around the world! After his long night and all the work that led up to it, Santa always takes a vacation somewhere sunny and warm. As a reward for helping bring joy to children around the world, Santa takes his hardest-working team of elves with him! Can you lead your deserving team of elves to claim this reward?

Santa's Workshop is a worker-placement game, taking place over nine rounds, in which players use their elves to collect materials in order to build gifts, and tend to the reindeer. Players may customize their workforce by sending elves to be trained in certain aspects of the game, which provide a benefit for the rest of the game.