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Seek a boo

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92.00 AED

Minimum Players: 1

Maximum Players: 1

Minimum Playtime: 10 mins

Maximum Playtime: 15 mins

Age: 2+

Seek-a-Boo is one of the few games on the market designed for children as young as 18 months, providing meaningful interaction between parents and toddlers. To play, Mom or Dad scatters the large “Seek Me” cards around the room and calls out a “Find Me” card. Kiddo roams the room to find a match! Card categories include colors, shapes, animals, foods, toys and outdoor things. The parent guide includes game variations that grow as the child develops.

Seek-a-Boo is loved by children 18 months and older. A great game for more than one child at different age levels Seek-a-Boo offers multiple ways to play! Switch roles, create your own combinations, practice taking turns—the learning and play is endless!

Includes 36 "SEEK ME" cards and 36 "FIND ME" cards for an adult to call out. Large laminated cards are high-quality, bright and are color-coded by 6 categories. The interactive parent guide provides instruction for more ways to play; giving flexibility to increase or decrease difficulty for younger, older, or for playing with multiple children.