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The Chameleon: Picture Edition

210.00 AED

Minimum players: 3

Maximum players:8

Minimum playtime:  10 minis

Maximum playtime: 20mins

Age: 10+

 The Chameleon: Picture Edition is bluffing deduction game for everyone. Each round involves two missions, depending on whether you’re the Chameleon or not. Mission 1: You are the Chameleon :No one knows your identity except you. Your mission is the blend in, not get caught and to work out the Secret Word. Mission 2: You are not the Chameleon: Try to work out who the Chameleon is without giving away the Secret Word. At the beginning of the round each player receives a card that tells them if they are the Chameleon or hunting the Chameleon. Look at the picture, use one word to describe it, then find the Chameleon. The Chameleon can only make an educated guess based on the 16 words in front of them.


  • changing identities and 480 pictures to guess at.
  • All the complicated code cards and dice from our original family game have been replaced with exciting secret reveal envelopes.